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senior research scientist


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in the agenda
IMILAST – establishing more truth in numerical cyclone tracking

SAIL/IORAS together with as many as 12 other groups around the world started a project focused on the development of comprehensive intercomparison and validation of numerical schemes for tracking cyclones.

Surface energy fluxes and climate science: A concept paper of Sergey Gulev, Chris Fairall and Vladimir Riabinin (towards the JSC-29 meeting)

Better climate observation and prediction can only be achieved if we minimize the uncertainties of the global energy balance and increase the accuracy of the estimation of variability of air-sea fluxes on all time scales.
Full text (PDF)

More of MORE: "Polarstern" covers Capetown-Europe section with a joint German-Russian radiation team onboard

During 20+ days from 12 April 2007 to 5 May 2007 German research icebreaker Polarstern with chief scientist Andreas Macke and our team member Alexey Sinitsyn onboard measured radiation at sea surface under the MORE (Meridional Oceanic Radiation Experiment). This is the 6th in the series of MORE cruises.

NEMO-based DRAKKAR Global Ocean hindcast at eddy-permitting resolution

DRAKKAR community has compiled the pilot hindcast of the World Ocean circulation in eddy-permitting resolution using DRAKKAR hierarchy of OGCMs based on the NEMO system.

SINGAPORE: SMALL ISLAND AND BIG CLIMATE ISSUES: Local downscaling of climate change is on the way

In April 2007 we started the regional climate downscaling project, targeted at sea level and ocean wind wave extremes for Singapore - one of the Asian hi-tech and financial capitals. This small 24-months project is funded by the Tropical Marine Science Institute of the National University of Singapore

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