Air-Sea Interaction

(Sergey Gulev, +33-6-




Announcement of student internship on air-sea exchanges at LEGI




Lecture 1 (Introduction)


         PPT handouts


Lecture 2/3 (Short-wave radiation)


         PPT handouts

         F77 codes:  SWM_TEST.F (fortran code)     

         TEST FILE


Lecture 4/5 (Long-wave radiation)


         PPT handout

         F77 codes:  LW_TEST.F (fortran code)           

         TEST FILE




Lecture 6/7/8 (Turbulent fluxes)


        basics of turbulence PPT handout

        concepts of parameterizations PPT handout

        practice of parameterizations PPT handout


        F77 codes    FLUX_TEST.F (fortran code)

                           COARE3-algorithm (fortran code)

                           COARE3 - test file

                           COARE3 - result file


Lecture 9 (Climatologies of air-sea fluxes)


        PPT handout


Lecture 10 (Air-sea exchanges under stormy and calm conditions)


        PPT handout


        F77 codes    grat.f (fortran code for free convection paramterization of turbulent fluxes under calm conditions)


Lecture 11 (Air-sea exchanges - impact on atmospheric boundary layer)


        PPT handout


        FASTEX-CATCH movie English     French


Lecture 12 (Air-sea exchanges - impact on ocean circulation)


        PPT handout